It starts with an open heart

In the ongoing effort to understand the human condition and the universe in which it develops, humans have constructed and sought enduring ideas that transcend any experience of time and space. One of the facts of our existence is that people on opposite sides of the world who live in…

It is the path you walk, not the words you speak.

It is the governance of time through which the course of our evolution is set, our becoming is embodied. Whether time is a construct emergent from motion of mass in space, or time is the substrate from which space and motion emerge, matters little. Time, for humans, is the march…

The Buddha in the Kitchen

Cooking takes time.

On the surface, this seems trivially true. The question is, do you really know that cooking takes time? Or are you simply in the emotion of delayed gratification, forced to endure the duration, second by second, waiting while hunger is at the forefront of your consciousness?


Because we never learn, or we learn too well

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;”

We are drifting from one another, and there is no voice we can hear to call us home. Like so many galaxies flung across the cosmos, the further we move away from each other, the faster we…

Henry Lee Butler

No one in particular seeking to diminish ego and accentuate Self, partaking in life with a beginner’s mind. (He/Him/His)

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